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Origin of Breed
United Kingdom
Breed Nick Names


[edit] Introduction

The Utonagan is a wolf like breed developed over the last 20 years to resemble the wolf as closely as possible without containing any wolf content whatsoever. They originate from the UK and were developed by crossing Alaskan Malamute Husky and GSD.

They have a fabulous temperament and are friendly easygoing and very very affectionate.

They can be destructive if left alone for long periods and can also be escape artists.

They have the ability to do well in any discipline and have been used for obedience, agility, flyball, skiddoing and many, because of their exemplary nature, are registered Pets As Therapy Dogs (PAT Dogs) visiting Hospitals and Nursing Homes across the UK.

They are slow to mature but extremely intelligent dogs, who are easily trained from a young age and enjoy pleasing their owner in any sphere.

They are not suitable for guard duties as they welcome everyone, but will alert you when someone visits.

They do howl and can be very vocal, woo-wooing their opnion to all and sundry.

They are a large, excitable and boisterous breed, therefore not suitable to be placed in homes with small children, because if the child or the dog is allowed to get too excited the child may be knocked down and injured accidentally.

They do get with all other pets but introductions must be done slowly and carefully from a young age.

They are the perfect family dog when owned singularly or as one of a pair. Any more than this and there will be scuffles and arguments to find who's boss, which causes both the dogs and the owners unecessary distress.

[edit] Origin and History

The breed was developed in the 80's by crossing two already established wolf like breeds, the Alaskan Malamute and Siberian Husky and later the GSD was introduced to increase height and a more sleek appearance.The founder breeds have not been been used since the 80's.

Though our Society were formerly breeding under the name of Northern Inuit, in 2003 our society changed the name of our breed to Utonagan, due to there being two differing types within the two societies following two totally differing breed standards.

It was our aim to improve health and breed out blue eyes and spitz tails associated to the founder breeds, whereas the Northern Inuit Society preferred to keep these traits and continue to date to breed beautiful Northern Inuit dogs.

Today's Utonagan are a beautiful breed in their own right, having a fabulous friendly and easygoing temperament.

[edit] Appearance


Should resemble a Timber Wolf. Large, strong and powerful presence but not too heavy in build with longer legs compared to build of body . A powerful and adaptable dog. Built for travel. Agile, ability for endurance and fast work, alert and intelligent. The temperament , friendly and intelligent with no hint of aggression

EYES Colour ranging from Brown to amber or yellow (preferred). Good pigment, almond in shape, coat accentuating the eye so that they look larger. Blue eyes will be considered a fault.

TAIL Should be bushy and thick not feathered. Should hang straight to the hock. Carried straight and high when excited or at a trot. Should not curl round on itself, straight tail preferred. Spitz tails are to be considered a fault.

GAIT Effortless, with a good reach and ground cover, powerful drive from the hindquarters.

COAT Dense double coat, waterproof harsh top coat and soft thick undercoat, thicker /longer around neck, tail area. No feathering on legs, excess feathering in comparison to coat on ears, tail and trousers undesirable.

COLOURS Colours allowable: grizzled combination of timber grey, silver, black, white and buff single colours of black, white. Pied or ink marked colours undesirable.

SIZE Height Bitches 25 ins and above to top of withers. Dogs 26 ins and above to top of withers. Dogs generally bigger than bitches. Weight Approximately 55-90 lbs and should be in proportion to height, age and frame should be well covered and fit.

[edit] Temperament

The Utonagan temperament is exemplary, if purebred. They are a gentle giant and love to please everyone.

If allowed to get over-excited they can become boisterous and clumsy and may knock small children over, so over-excitement of Utonagan should be avoided in enclosed areas.

They are extremely intelligent and can work out how to open doors, crates and windows, so be warned.

They can be trained very easily and from a very young age.

They are very affectionate and require alot of love, attention and company.

They do not do well left alone for long periods and can become destructive if this happens.

[edit] Health

As with all large breeds, the Utonagan can be susceptible to developing Hip Dysplasia and it is advisable that all Utonagan are BVA hip scored at 12 months of age.

Hip dysplasia Breed mean Score @ 1.11.2007

Breed Number tested: 75

Range Breed: 6-106

Mean Score Utonagan: 21

All registered Utonagan to be used for breeding should first be BVA hip scored and eye tested before being used.

We advise all owners of Utonagan to have their dogs BVA Hip scored and eye tested so that we can keep the hip scores low and accurately establish any possible problems within the breed relating to their eyes.

There has been possible cases of Multi Retinal Dyspalsia, (this is currently undergoing research with the British Utonagan Association in conjunction with the genetecists at the Animal Health Trust) and also some history of cataracts, this is why all dogs should be regularly eye screened to build up a history of the lines being used.

There has also been several Uni lateral and bi lateral Cryptorchids ( commonly referred to as monorchids where either one UNI or both BI testicles have not descended into the scrotum.

Also a few reports of under or overshot jaw.

And a few reported cases of Addisons Disease.

All these problems are common in all breeds and this is why breed clubs have rules on breeding stock and generally the Utonagan overall is a healthy breed.

If anyone has a Utonagan who has developed health problems please contact one of the Utonagan affiliations so they may offer advice or so that they can input this information onto their database for future information.

[edit] Utonagan Advice

After doing your homework and studying the breed you will realise that a lot of hard work comes with a large breed. If a genuine breeder has decided that you are suited to this lovely breed they should ensure before you take pup home that it is 8 weeks old or above and they have been :

1. Vet checked, with a copy of such provided. 2. Micro-chipped 3. DNA profiled and DNA record held at the Kennel Club 4. BVA eye screened. 5. Wormed 6. Front-lined 9. Insured for 6 weeks 10. Have life time after care with breeder 11. All with a food pack of their current food

Some breeders may have had puppies first inoculations, depending on their vet but if your puppy has not had these you should be advised to get them as soon as you can you will be informed in your after care letter provided by your breeder.

You should also receive the puppy’s Registration documents and change of ownership papers and a pedigree certificate.

[edit] Utonagan Care

An Utonagan does not demand as well an awesome deal maintenance. The breed sheds little curly hair all through the year. A weekly brushing can be adequate to get rid of lifeless hair. However, the puppy sheds heavily twice a 12 weeks therefore arm your do it yourself obtaining an awesome vacuum cleaner together with a grooming kit getting a much more intensive grooming schedule will almost certainly be necessary. This breed is completely not for apartments. This large puppy has high exercise requirement. A house obtaining a huge yard can be most suitable. The yard needs to be nicely secured obtaining a high fence as this puppy apart from getting exceptional diggers also has the inclination to escape from confinement. The thick coat keeps the puppy cozy in chilly temperatures however the coat can be considered a concern in summer. The puppy must not be walked or exercised in pretty warm weather. The Utonagan is a huge breed however the puppy should not be fed large quantities of food since it has the tendency to be obese and also to endure from bloat.

[edit] Utonagan Grooming

The thick coat of Utonagan puppy is quick to manage. Brushing the coat twice a few days is adequate to sustain the puppy clean. However, the puppy calls for great curiosity all through the shedding period.

[edit] Utonagan Training

On this note, Utonagans have the instead husky-like habit of carrying out a runner anytime you let them away the leash, so exceptional lead instruction from the garden is vital before to getting them outside of it. in the celebration you cant deal obtaining a puppy that likes a run, do not obtain a Utonagan (or a husky for that matter), merely because its not genuinely reasonable to sustain a puppy of that dimension for the leash every one of the time.

if you have some quite space and a bike you should start taking your utonagan on your bike but make sure the lead is secure on the handle of the this in all weather exept winter thats when you take them sleading they will enjoy it. you don't have to go far but you MUST MAKE SURE YOU HAVE BRAKES if your near a road and your dog will run but only do this for 1-2 times a day because yuo dont want to over walk them. When your Utonagan is use to it you won't need to peddle and it gives them good exercise and only do this for 5-10 minutes everyday

[edit] References

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